Yachts can ship overnight in Panama

Yachts can ship overnight in Panama

Shipping overnight Services in Panama for Yachts

The last thing you want to worry about while sailing on the ocean is the "What Ifs." However, different situations may arise, requiring the use of a service.

Traveling by yacht is enjoyable since it allows you to learn about new destinations while being surrounded by water and living a relaxed lifestyle. However, until something happens that demands the assistance of a provider to ensure that you receive what you require on time. If a circumstance like this develops in the Panamanian seas, Mega Yacht Provisions can offer outstanding international shipping overnight service to the customers.

This delivery service covers both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of Panama, including Coiba Island, Boca Chica, Kuna Yala, Las Perlas, Bocas del Toro, and Contadora Island, and it meets hard-to-reach locations such as Coiba Island, Boca Chica, Kuna Yala, Las Perlas, Bocas del Toro, and Contadora Island. Even if food and beverages are involved, Mega Yacht Provisions' logistics allow the shipment of any product, including personal items and yacht spare parts. 'We can quote for replacement parts or give our clients access to trusted contacts,' Burillo explains.


A fast delivery service 

Of course, if you're anchored in the sea and the provider wants to get to the yacht, reaching there quickly could be challenging. Mega Yacht Provisions' team understands this, and their logistics are focused on getting the clients what they need as quickly as possible. As a result, even if you ran out of a product, they can assist you in obtaining it. However, it is based on current availability and the location of the yacht; nevertheless, in the past, whenever this type of scenario occurred, the delivery was completed in less than 12 hours.

Food delivery is expected to arrive within 24 hours (depending on location and quantity). Different delivery options, of course, are based on the client's desire: overnight takes 24 hours, Express takes 48 hours, and Standard takes up to 3 days. The cost of a product is always determined by its nature, size, weight, and transportation method.


Truffles and caviar are the most difficult products to supply because they are not available in Panama. Mega Yacht Provisions, on the other hand, only takes 18 hours to get them in the area.

What happens if a necessity arises at the last minute? 'If it is part of the existing order, we can include it without hesitation, but the client must notify us.' However, if it's a new order, we can only fulfill it if the products are in stock at our warehouse,' explains Burillo.


Paperwork and adjusting to the client’s needs

It might be difficult to deal with customs and the paperwork required to enter Panama. It's useful to have a supplier who can do all the work for you during situations like these, and that's exactly what Mega Yacht Provisions can provide for yacht travelers in Panama. 'All the client has to do is wait for all the items while we take care of all the paperwork for international shipping,' Burillo explains.


Mega Yacht Provisions places a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, and the purpose for transforming its logistics is to adapt to the needs of its consumers, not the other way around. 'If the client is far away from the port or harbor, we get there by boat, helicopter, or seaplane,' Burillo says.

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