Embarking on MYP

My journey with MYP is deeply rooted in my personal passion for the sea and fishing. What began as a heartfelt connection to the maritime world at Flamenco Marina in Panama City has evolved into a profound business venture. Envisioning the unique needs of yachts and mega yachts, I embarked on this entrepreneurial odyssey, fueled by a desire to enhance the provisioning experience. Starting small at a local marina, the business has now grown to embrace the entirety of Panama's marinas. The expansion is not just about numbers; it's a testament to the authentic love for the sea that drives us. From the early days of navigating the waters of Flamenco Marina to becoming a national provider, the journey has been a labor of love, and every product and service we offer is infused with the same passion that first set sail in my heart.

Our Mission

Elevate Panama into the central stage of provision procurement in Latin America. At MYP, we strive to be the unparalleled choice for yachts within our coverage areas. We are committed to ensuring that every yacht, regardless of its location, receives provisions characterized by unmatched quality and service. Through our dedication, we aspire to establish Panama as the go-to hub for yacht provisions, setting a standard for excellence that resonates across the region.

Our Team in Action

Our success may be attributed to our all-Panamanian staff, who share a commitment to quality and expertise in the maritime sector. Our workforce, each experienced professional in their individual professions, collectively exhibits the friendliness, devotion, and efficiency that constitute Panama's spirit. Whether they're professionals in logistics or procurement, everyone at MYP works together to give our customers a first-rate experience that showcases Panama at its finest.

The MYP Difference

Our efforts are always directed toward ensuring the happiness of those who purchase from us. In order to ensure that our customers have an exceptional time, we carefully choose all of the products and services that we offer. From the minute a yacht docks in Panama until the moment they leave, we are committed to providing them with unrivaled quality, smooth logistics, and a dash of Panamanian warmth. Our commitment to ensuring that every trip we sponsor leaves its participants with a life-changing experience is at the heart of MYP and will stand as our lasting legacy.

The Dream Team

The key to success in the ever-changing industry of yacht provisioning is a tightly knit and committed group of workers. Mega Yacht Provisions, a 100% Panamanian workforce, has team members united by a commitment to provide customers a positive, memorable experience. Our team is a symphony of skills, from chefs who check that everything is packaged properly to experts who track down the highest quality products. The logistical geniuses who plan out every aspect of supply and the crew members who assure its efficient execution play a crucial role. Everyone on our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, and they always go the extra mile to accommodate the specific requests of yacht owners and their visitors. By working together, we can make even the most mundane voyages truly remarkable by supplying our travelers with not just the necessities, but also priceless experiences.