Mega Yacht's Warehouse

Mega Yacht's Warehouse

The importance of a fully equipped warehouse

Due to the high temperatures and humidity, food preservation in Panama is difficult. One of Mega Yacht Provisions' key investments is in the necessary tools and methods to accomplish so.

Another of Mega Yacht Provisions' services is having high-quality standards for yachts and mega yachts; this demands the capacity and equipment to ensure the cream of the crop in Panama.



The warehouse at Mega Yacht Provisions is where all the magic happens. It is separated into four areas and is located in the heart of Panama City to ensure that food and beverages are properly cared for before consumption.  Perhaps it wouldn't be so challenging if it weren't for Panama's weather, which is unlike any other, with temperatures consistently above 30 degrees Celsius all year. Jonathan Burillo realized he needed to invest in rooms and equipment that could withstand frigid temperatures.

'We have four divisions in our warehouse, each with a distinct temperature. All of the frozen products are kept in a room with a temperature of -17 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the products that just need to be stored at a chilly temperature, are kept in the refrigerated room at 3 degrees Celsius,' explains Burillo.


The remaining two rooms are divided into two sections: the packaging area (15 degrees Celsius) and the dry goods area (25 Celsius degrees).


Storage capacity and delivery 

The warehouse has the capacity to store 300 pallets. It means that if six boats are anchored in Panama and require supplies, Mega Yacht Provisions can provide to all of them at the same time. Of course, this is also achievable due to the qualified employees that are available to work around the clock whenever clients require it.


But what happens after the products have left the warehouse and those temperature-controlled rooms? The solution is to have trucks that can maintain the proper temperatures in order to avoid being hampered by Panama's weather. Now, this may appear to be the last solution, but Mega Yacht Provisions prides itself on being able to supply by sea, air, or land, which means that trucks are not required. 'When we distribute our products to clients, those that require refrigeration, are provided in styrofoam boxes with ice packages,' Burillo explains.


Meeting high-quality standards

Mega Yacht Provisions requires a fantastic crew to give a service in Panama that meets the same high standards as in the United States or Europe. 'Because they have experience in logistics and food, our crew has all of the set of requirements.' To ensure quality, products are inspected one by one from the time they are purchased until they are packed. We understand our clients' needs, which is why we treat each delivery as if it were a meal for our own family, explains Burillo.


Suppliers and more food-related challenges

Panama is well-known for the Panama Canal. However, offers exquisite products as a result of its tropical climate (both a challenge and an advantage). Fruits like pineapples, watermelons, and coconuts are delicious and easily accessible throughout the year. Mega Yacht Provisions sources a large portion of its fruits and veggies from local farms. Only 25% of the product is sourced from outside the country. Mega Yacht Provisions uses roughly 25 different vendors to stock its warehouse.



Despite the ideal climate for growing wonderful food, products such as vegetables are difficult to preserve due to - you guessed it - the weather and they don't last very long. Mega Yacht Provisions' equipment and logistics come in useful here, and it proves to be effective because it allows for a seamless cooling chain.

Another concern that can arise in Panama is a complete lack of power. Thunderstorms and heavy rain can cause a variety of issues, including a shortage of electricity for some Panamanians. Burillo, a Panamanian, realized there was a potential this could happen, and it would have a major impact on all food storage. So he went one step further and installed two industrial generators in the warehouse to maintain food at the proper temperatures for more than 48 hours.


Panama is a lovely destination for yachts and mega yachts, however, chefs and captains may be concerned about the freshness of the food they eat while under the sun. Mega Yacht Provisions is able to give this one-of-a-kind service in Panama because of its well-prepared warehouse, logistics methods, and superb workforce.

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